Launch of Siento Collection Spring Summer 2019: A journey back to the essentials

Nabel Martins' journey back to basics

Venezuelan designer Nabel Martins arrives with her Spring-Summer 2019 collection, inspired by a journey through the five senses. SIENTO, was presented to the public last Thursday, November 22, in Caracas, Venezuela.

For this collection, Nabel Martins was inspired by the depth of human essence. In addition, through SIENTO reaffirms her vision of fashion as a means of eternal empowerment, SIENTO celebrates the sensuality and carefreeness of the female silhouette, through the diversity of textures, classic cuts of subtle falls, and a palette of bright colours. Valentino red, magenta, mustard yellow and multi-coloured prints predominate, softening the palette with the strong presence of off-White.

The five senses play a primary role in the development of this collection. Our eyes restless at the colours and then surrender to the subtlety of the cuts, which also remind us of the sounds and aromas of nature. The combination of prints makes us savour bites of freshness and exoticism, to finally elevate our feels in the face of the variety of textures of the pieces. The muse and protagonist of this collection is the mature woman, who, beyond her age, grows in the act of allowing herself to feel intensely, as a sign of courage.

SIENTO comes to close with a flourish, a year in which Nabel Martins gave herself to growth through travel, exploring new cultures and establishing her brand presence in Madrid and Lisbon, thus reconnecting with her Portuguese roots. This makes SIENTO a journey back to essentials in every way.

2019 is projected for the designer as a year to expand its presence in Madrid, Lisbon and Miami, markets in which it is already present and where it will seek to transmit the most innovative maturity of its brand, which this year marks five years since it was founded .

The SIENTO collection is available at, and the details that inspired it can be found on the Instagram account @nabelmartins. We invite you to discover SIENTO, a celebration of feminine intuition