Nabel Martins


Nabel Martins
I am Nabel Martins, a Venezuelan fashion designer, born from an immigrant Portuguese father and a Venezuelan mother. I created Nabel Martins with the purpose of honouring the natural power of women through clothing.

We have built a true harmony between boldness and classic elegance throughout time. Our style is one of balance between the symmetry of the cuts and the diversity of textures, colors and prints, always keeping a sophisticated aesthetic to dress contemporary women.




Our Contribution to Fashion.


As women, we can achieve many things when feeling confident. We want to inspire women to transcend their own limits, in style and with authenticity, when wearing one of our pieces.

Our creations reflect our core values, which are: honesty, in the quality of the pieces; integrity, in the attention to detail; and elegance, throughout our style. Under this vision, we give life to chic, strong and feminine collections.